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The baby swing safety guidelines


Today, the baby swing becomes important of calming the infant crying or having ill-tempered and is the big help for parents relaxing and doing other chores. However, your baby can suffer from risks of injuries as sitting in the swing if you don’t use in the proper way. Thus, it’s essential to learn some safety cautions that you can correctly place the baby in the swing for the safe and comfort.

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Correct usage

  • Manufacturers always provide the introduction, you have to follow their own rules because each model has the special criteria including the limit of weight, time, or height. Even if your baby is overweight while under the age limit, you should stop using to avoid the risk of injuries.
  • If the baby knows how to move up and down, from side to side, or do small rapid movements, you should stop using the swing. For the older, it can be damaged or causes to fall down because the baby moves strongly and rapidly or intends to escape the swing.
  • There are no limitations of the time on the seat. It’s the best that you have the time set about 1 hour per day or you can follow the manufacturer’s manual.
  • When you leave the baby on the seat, you have to make sure the strap is able to withstand the wear, damage, and hard-wearing. There some types of straps, like for waist, crotch, and shoulders. It must be strong and fixed in place but also comfortable so he has the safe seat and the high protection. Sometimes you take a nap or concentrate on other chores, and you aren’t always viewing the baby so this is the big help for the security.
  • If your baby is under 4 months, the seat has to be lied back to support the comfortable position since the infant can’t hold his head and doesn’t have the back pain.
  • If the baby is in the ages from 6 months to a year and a half, you can choose the competitive option with the plastic material since he spends much time in the house.
  • The metal swing is suitable for the older often staying in the outside and more expensive. The metal has the longer service time, but it requires more effort of cleaning and maintaining.
  • When you let your baby go to the outside, you should use an ornamental cloth covering the swing to prevent the sun shines and burned skins because the baby has the very sensitive skin. It’s effective that you must do chores in the garage so you need the swing with a cloth cover for the baby in the outside.
  • Most models can be foldable to the small, but you need to check all parts fixed in place after setting again.

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Incorrect usage

  • When your baby is staying at the baby swing, you don’t have to leave him alone or out of your sight. He can do harmful actions at anytime so you need to pay attention to his movements to prevent sudden accidents at a right time.
  • You shouldn’t let the swing on the high places since it can lost the balance as swinging. The places pets can reach and make it become unsteady and fall are also abandoned.
  • It’s good that your baby has a short break on the swing, but it’s not an ideal bed for a night sleep.
  • You don’t have to move the swing, the position of the seat, like lean back or forward, while your baby is staying in the seat.
  • The baby swing is not an essential thing for the baby so you don’t need to buy one as you have the low-income. If you have a big budget for your infant, the baby swing is regarded as one of the best useful equipment.

The good baby swing helps the infant entertain and calm down as well as helping their parents free hands for other chores. However, you should learn some tips of safe usage to keep the baby comfortable and far from the danger.

Simple buying guide for baby swing


When you have a baby, it also the time when you think of baby equipments that are must-haves for your little one. But many choices are there may make you confused and you have to question for all the time what brand to choose? Is this a necessity products? Does this really suits your need? What to consider or what to look for in choosing the best baby swing? Baby swing is also a must have baby products and many choices may distract you from the core need. Let’s look at the following simple characteristics for a good swing, you can find the answer. Baby swing reviews are also presented below to help you decide easily.

Of course, the primary benefit of a baby swing is to entertain and comfort the baby while the baby’s parents is busy with other house chores or just enjoy a few rest moments or relaxation. The cost of possessing such a good baby swing ranges from $30 to $119 for each, from simple setting and extra stuffs swings to high-end and premium swings.

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The swing for baby means motion driven baby product because it moves from back to front, or from side to side for a minority of baby swings. The first characteristic that you should take into account when buying a baby swing is the harnesses. It should be constantly linked to its structure, the whole frame. There are 2 popular types of harness system: one is 3-point and the other is 5-point. The rule of choosing: 3-point harnesses are good, but 5-point harness is better for your little. (of course, the lesser-point costs cheaper but 5-point is much safer for your baby). It is also more secure, so be wise mom or dad by trying to look for a baby swing that includes this.

Meanwhile, baby swings give different movement speed settings. You should be noted that starting with slow motion first and then adjust it in accordance with the baby’s comfort level. If your baby feels discomfort, try lowering the movement until finding the most comfortable for your baby. Finally, look for a baby swing with a padded seat to ensure your baby is always snug and cozy.


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Current baby swings normally attach with several attachments to entertain your baby better and to make feeding time much easier for parents. For instance, trays are commonly accommodated with the baby swings to make the feeding or soothing your crying baby, so find the convenient trays that is easy to clean if you plan to use it in feeding time. It will surely come with a food mess. Also, you’d better making sure the tray can safely give away or easily unlink if you don’t want your baby to face with fussy risks.

Other accessories like mobiles or toys are also popular attachments. Your baby definitely finds it really fun and exciting. The current baby swings often include these pleasing accessories. Your little one will be amazed. But also so be sure to watch attentively your little one when she/he’s awake.

Other considerations

A baby swing often comes with 1 or 2 power ways: on batteries or on electrical cords. Both power options have advantages and disadvantages. As you know, batteries do not last long because they depend tediously on the battery’s life. Meanwhile, the electrical cord only requires a working electricity with the outlet. However, exposed cord may become a safety concern of you for your beloved little one.

Although batteries are attached and seem not hinder any safety concerns as it’s quick to drain. Therefore, choosing a baby swing driven and operated by battery power or an electric one depends mostly on you, basing on your condition. As a mom or dad of your baby, you will really know which parenting approach best suits your baby. If you are a lazy mom/dad and often forget to plug in for electricity recharge, an electric baby swing may be not a great option. However, if this is really a problem for you, choosing baby swings that run on batteries can be suitable decision.

Purchasing Guide for Outdoor Baby Swing


When you have an infant in home, there are many things you have to do to best take care of your infant. To serve the need of taking good care of your infant, many equipments are available like hanging seats, kangaroo climbers, playground slides and equipment or baby swing. All these help parents enjoy an occasional break from their lap and entertainment purposes. The baby swings are valuable assets when parents need help a safe place for their children while they catch up on doing house chores.

There are various kinds of baby swings, both indoor and outdoor, and buyer can decide which one to buy based on specific needs and personal preferences. If a mom plans to buy an outdoor baby swing for using, she should investigate carefully before making purchasing decision. In the market, there are many different kinds of baby swings like the swing in metal, in wood, in plastic, portable baby swings, and other high-end advanced types.

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The outstanding features of baby swings for outdoor use

There are many important features of baby swings for outdoor use to thoroughly investigate like frame, harness system, and of course, the swing’s seats.

Harness system

There are 2 types of harness system in outdoor baby swings: three-point or five-point harness system. However, using 5-point one is highly recommended as it’s safer when the child grows. As long as your baby starts rocking from the seat, using metal swing without a secured harness system will become very dangerous. Padding system is also important to ensure the safety for your children.


One of the key features in an outdoor baby swing is the width of the frame. It is necessary to make certain that the frame is strong and wide enough to be tipped over because in case your children leans toward the side, the frame is a firm place to lean. You should choose the outdoor baby swing that is foldable to be stored when you don’t plan to use it. The seat can also be detached to be easily taken off its frame.


You should investigate a swing with more than one stretching position to make your baby easily find the most comfortable position. A wise purchase of the baby swing should consider the adjustment of angle for the baby to have space when growing up. These days, some models of outdoor baby swing even feature 2-seat options, one is the more reclining position for newborns and the lower one with 3-position recline is for older babies.

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Safety cautions when using outdoor baby swings

Parents should always make sure that their baby should never be alone without keeping an eye on for any moments of time. Safety harness systems in baby swings are paid special attention to attentively check the baby. Moreover, when assembling the harness system as well as other parts in the swing, we should follow strictly the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure right assembly and use. Re-checking all steps once completed and before placing the baby in the swing.

It definitely comes to the time when the babies grows and at that time, they outgrow the baby’s swing seat. Parents need to pay attention to their children to find any possible ways that best fit their ages. There is also a warning that outdoor baby swings should be left unused for some time in order to avoid any accidents. When you decide to use outdoor baby swings, remember not to place the swing on any soft surface while your little one is put in them. This is to avoid tipping over and possible suffocation for your babies. Another precautions of usage is that lower speeds of swing are better for small infants. When you store it after use, keep the outdoor baby away from any hazards like heaters and hanging wires for future using.

Comparing popular types of baby swings


There are 2 popular types of swings available in the market with modern or traditional categories which will be reviewed in brands details as follows for you to opt easily:

More modern brands can be found available with Mamaroo, Nuna Leaf. The traditional ones you can find such brands as Fisher Price, Graco DLX, Graco Duet.

Some traditional baby swings can be foldable to smaller sizes for traveling or storage but even so, still take up a lot of space. Normally, full-size baby swings are designed more for indoor use but now outdoor baby swings are also available in many brands. Those traditional ones are often larger and more comfortable for your baby because it have gaudy mobiles and offensive patterns. For this point, the Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny might have good look, becoming an ideal bridge between the traditional looking and modern looking swings.

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Because most baby swings on the market are mechanical, operated by a motor like the Fisher-Price Snugabunny. But the recommendation is that the baby swing should be powered by an AC adapter. Although it may also run off batteries, an AC adapter can be used instead. If your baby spends much time in this electric baby swing which mean you will use it often, thus batteries need to be replaced very soon. Batteries for baby swing require a screw driver for access and some gentle prying. So just consider to use this kind of electric baby swing to decide if it meets your need.


The baby swing branded Nuna Leaf is also the manual baby swing brand that operate by kinetic energy. This can be considered as a good option for more active play time of your baby, though it seemed inefficient as a soothing baby swing.

In the market now there are also many good baby swings that you can buy. Some popular brand names are: Graco, Fisher Price and some others. The baby swings had many options and differ in power, design, safety features, etc,…The current baby swing mostly run on batteries or plug in, thus It makes it very easy to recharge or replace batteries. Moreover, the colors and design of this brand are quite pleasant to match your baby and living space. The swing’s motion moves front to back or side to side, which is also great since most babies prefer it. With soft fabric and cushioning, your baby will definitely loves it. Finally, the sounds and music of this swing are very good, making Fisher Price a great option of brand in choosing these options. For the same brand of Fisher Price but in another portfolio, if you want the best portable baby swing, consider to opt out Fisher price swing. This swing can be foldable to flat, quite simple to assemble and have great music quality. However, this swing is operated by battery only and the mobile isn’t interactive enough. Moreover, the low speed option of this swing seems still fast for both newborns and infants.

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The users of Fisher Price swing have no negative review over motors, unlike the normal full sized swings. However, some parents also give comment on the frame as when finishing assembled, the frame seems not steady enough despite the fact that it will be warranted and many customers of this brand says the service is quite good in taking fast feedback and action in solving customer’s problems. But after all, lovely moms and dads couldn’t find another swing that outperform the Fisher Price swing in many characteristics because It gets high overall assessments for its medium size and be foldable for many travel purposes. The speed settings are available with 6 different speeds, 2 seat streching positions and your baby will be comforted with fabric baby seat.

5 Hints to Soothe Your Baby by Swing

When you’re busy doing house chores, the baby swing seems an effective and safe equipment for you to do above stuffs. It’s also a magical solution to calm your baby if your little one’s crying. But knowing how to use and the frequency to use is quite hard to determine. Let’s look at the following the do’s and don’ts of this common baby soothing equipment.

Firstly, just settle your baby into the swing’s seat, turn the baby swing on and use the swing to soothe your baby while your little one’s crying. Then you can solve the things in your must-do in your list. However, one thing to remember is that the swings should be used in some necessary situation, rather than a babysitters for you in any time if you don’t want your baby growing up abnormally both physically and mentally.


Here’s how to use a swing correctly:


A famous consultant about sleep, Alanna McGinn pointed out that swinging is incredibly soothing in nature, especially for some infants those who are in range of fourth trimester. Thus, the baby swings are best option for a reason. She also shares to some key techniques for calming infants while your baby’s crying, which also called 5 S’s. According to an expert in the field, a swing can make a feeling like the rocking motion of being in the warm and neat place, which is a very useful solution for calming crying newborns.

Don’t over use the swing too much

Remember to keep using the swing to a minimum frequency, even though it’s might be the version of hammock in relaxing. According to another expert about sleep, Amy Lage, a baby will not sleep if he/she feels unsafe environment. There is a fact that your baby’s sleep happening in a stationary location or any other locations in a normal condition is the most beneficial. It’s not like the sleep in a swing that your baby falls on. Also cited by Amy Lage, while sleeping in motion, it can be said that it is quite difficult for his/her brain to enter a calming state. This also brings a bad effect that the sleep debt may be built up when your baby gets familiarize himself or herself with the swing. When your baby is 2-month year old, use the necessary things to make your baby fall asleep in a nature manner. When you unfortunately fall in to this situation, pick your baby out of the swing (if the baby fall asleep in the swing), then smoothly move her out of there. In case the baby fusses, you can stay for a while and do a massage on the baby’s body, may be back or other body parts like head,…until the baby falls back to a normal sleep. That’s much better. If you face with a more serious situation as the baby only fall asleep in the swing rather than other places, you can try using other sleep training tips to make the baby to self calm then fall asleep naturally.

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Added accessories

According to the sleep expert, most of the baby swing’s features that you can find easily in the market now seem not the same for your baby, but one thing she emphasizes is that that moms and dads should refuse the swings with added accessories that may over stimulate your baby, for example, a white-noise helps soothing your baby. Because much is not always good.

Don’t use it too often

Baby swing can sometimes be a great option to calm your baby, but it should never be a baby soothing mechanism of yours. AAP explains that you should consider limiting the use of swings and let the baby spending in seats too much like in the car seat, bouncers,… to avoid shaping flat for your baby’s head. If you keep your baby secured in only one position, the long frequency of use may lead detrimental to the normal development of the baby because the swings restricts the baby’s movements a lot. The best time limit for using baby swing in a day is just few hours.

Check the Safety

The swing can be easily assembled at home by manual, but you need to ensure the safety requirements by reading the below principles: checking out to see if it complies with the AAP’s safety regulations before buying baby swing. If your infants is 4-month year old, it’s better to use the most favored position, normally, the most stretching one. Particularly, if the baby’s seat can change to a more angle, remember to use the straps to ensure the security of your little one when using.

When assembling, the seat must remain flat enough while rocking to be assured that you baby can’t tumble down out of the baby swing. And more importantly, please make certain that the swing is checked carefully so that your little one is impossible to tip over uncontrollably, and also be certain that your baby is playing any toys hanging on the baby’s swing which could hinder any risk for using it. And moreover, remember one thing that leave your little one in the baby’s seat for too long without checking.

Last but not least, please watch closely and carefully and check your baby as frequent as possible to avoid any arisen problem hindering if the baby has a sign of falling asleep.